ROOT CANAL presents

'I’ll Never be a Star I’ve Always Been the Moon 

A mix tape with Yong Xiang Li, Elif Saydam, Kuupuu featuring Draama-Helmi, echo+seashell  featuring Torus, Luzie Meyer, Manuela Gernedel, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Michiel Huijben, No Ice!!!, TRJJ, Vittorio Brodmann, Lonely Boys, VE holdings featuring Sakeul and Mona Varichon, Zoë d’Hont.

You can listen to it here at KW's Pogo Bar:



ROOT CANAL cordially invites you to its eight exhibition

'Every Loft Needs A Sink' 

with Lauri Ainala, Susan Cianciolo, Keren Cytter, Catharine Czudej, Jacob Dwyer, Manuela Gernedel & Fiona Mackay,

Hanna-Maria Hammari, Niklas Taleb, Madelon Vriesendorp.

The exhibition opens Friday, July 13th at 5 pm at VLEESHAL, Markt 1, 4331 LL Middelburg.

Root Canal was invited by the director of the Vleeshal Roos Gortzak. 

The exhibition runs from July 14th - September 15th 2019.

Hours: Wednesday–Friday 1–5pm,
Saturday–Sunday 11am–5pm 



ROOT CANAL cordially invites you to its seventh exhibition


with Peter Brock, Tamen Perez, and Sydney Schrader

The exhibition opens Friday, April 26th at 7 pm at stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT, Amsterdam NL.

Please ring the doorbell to the right of the building near the iron gate. 

The exhibition runs from April 26th - May 15th 2019

TOOTHFAIRY: While running back over the last days in her mind she absently picked at her handbag. It was only then that she took notice of the chipped corner. “Damnit”
She had been fumbling at the corner of the bag, peeling the lack as it broke away from cheap metal clasps.
Tossing the bag onto the chair nearest her she took off her coat and proceeded to let out a fatigued breath as she collapsed onto her sofa. She had been feeling weary most of the day already. The frequently re-occurring episodes of visual discrepancies really had began to take its toll on her. It had taken her so long to land a decent gig in this city , and as it was in her best interest to keep her job, she really must make sure to not make the same mistakes as she had done earlier in the week. Honestly, it was ridiculous to be caught in the act by the very child whose tooth she held in her hand. It also required an exhausting amount of effort to escape without things escalating. In this particular instance, she, being graced by a good bit of quick thinking, knocked over a water glass. Thus the lad was distracted and she made for a triumphant escape with the enamelled tooth safely stowed in her bag.
What was really disturbing though was how she had held the tooth in her hand, checking to see if it was the correct one in fact. A noise from below caught her attention and she peered out of of the doorframe. Again all was still and she looked back to further inspect the tooth when she noticed that it was no longer there. She clenched her eyes shut then opened them again to find that the tooth actually was still there resting between the folds of her index and middle finger. The small shudder triggered by the surprise of this peculiar magic trick sent shivers down her spine and resulted with her loosing her calm as she bumped into the bedside table causing the ceramic flower vase to spill over. Tulips lay limp on the floor. The cool pallid moonlight tremored in its reflection as the water crept through the grooves of the floor boards, and upon finding the cracks, spilled down, seeping into the architecture. The queen of the night watched with horror as the tan faced boy stirred under his covers. Rubbing the crust sleep out of his eyes he gradually managed to make out in the darkness the contours of his room. Though what he didn’t decipher in the dark was the slumped shadow passing that very moment out his door. The one thing that did linger in his mind as he slowly drifted back into sleep was the rhythmic dripping of water as it hit upon an unseen dank space

#5 and #6

ROOT CANAL cordially invites you to its fifth and sixth exhibition

'Double Trouble' 

with Becket MWN, Yong Xiang Li and Simon Mielke. 

The 5th exhibition opens on the 9th of March 2019 5 pm in The Gemma/Althuis Hofland Fine Arts in Hazenstraat 11 1016 SM Amsterdam

The 6th exhibition opens later on the same night on the 9th of March 2019 8 pm in Korte Marnixstraat 2 1013 HT Amsterdam.

The 5th exhibition runs from the 9th of March till the 6th of April 2019 (during the opening hours of Althuis Hofland Fine Arts).

The 6th exhibition runs from the 9th of March till the 6th of April 2019 (by arrangement).


  Dear Tooth Fairy:      Up ahead she could recognize the stature of her accomplice with whom on this very eve she had an appointment. With but a small hesitance she approached the gaunt character. Slowly a frail hand wormed free from the folds of the garb. Succumbing to the frivolousness of the errand she procured the small enameled gem from her own folds. Letting it drop into the hand an immediate feeling of relief subdued her nerves. Though as she made to leave she felt as another note was thrust into her purse. Unfortunately her duties were not yet fulfilled and the chains remained yet upon her as she was forced again to run out on more of these tiresome missions. How loathsome. There weren’t any real plans yet, but she had had in mind already the thought of making to get away for a while, leaving these small rural communities of milk teeth behind in exchange for a bit of sun even. Feeling distraught by her own self-pity she pulled forth the new note. It was folded twice and of yellowing paper.  The handwriting cascaded down and dripped off at the corner emitting a hissing noise as it hit on the pavement.  She squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again blinking a few times. Refocusing her gaze to the paper she deciphered the new address. “God this is getting to me” she thought. These visual discrepancies  were becoming more frequent. Clearly this indicated her need of more rest.  Then a guttural rasp sounding more like a banged up muffler than laughter came from behind her. Spinning around she saw as the contour of her employer slowly diluted and merged into the shadows of the tree lined path. 

 Her gaze lingered on the dark spot where he had disappeared. Finally she broke free of the spell and again looked to the note.  

  “be privy to repetition, Re-run 

         Left incisor , perhaps an incisor left behind,

 Incinerate and go 

South river road,  11,  SE room” 


ROOTS ON WHEELS with Benedikte Bjerre, Buck Ellison, Chris Evans, Olga Pedan, Julika Rudelius, Angharad Williams and Betty Sachs.


The exhibition run between 23th and 25th of November 2018 in a mobile Camper Van. The Camper Van was parked in several locations during the weekend.





FRI 23.11.2018

OPENING from 6 till 10pm


(Stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT)


SAT 24.11.2018

Open from 4 till 7pm


(Sarphatistraat 470, 1018 GW)


SUN 25.11.2018

Open from 4 till 5.30pm


(Insulindeweg 1002, 1095 DH)



(Fokke Simonszstraat 12, 1017 TG)



Changes may occur.

Roots on Wheels is an independent group show curated by Root Canal using available city parking space. It was not connected to the exhibition program of each location.



ROCK THE CITY with Anne Fellner, Dieke Venema, Rezi van Lankveld,Win McCarthy,

Paul Geelen and Clémence de La Tour du Pin

on the 4th of May 2018 from 6pm until 10pm in Langkatstraat 15 1094 HT Amsterdam.

   Tooth Fairy:       The night’s darkness was shifting from an exponentially increasing shadow towards a green hued black to signal the coming day. Steadily the line of night was swept westward by the encroaching day on its 24-hour, endless cycle. The cloaked woman approached the small brick home on South River Road, anticipation growing with each footstep. Stealing away from a winding sidewalk leading to the front door, she maneuvered through the hedges surrounding the home. Reaching the back of the place she hoisted herself with grace upon a protruding brick and found her balance in the window sill. Softly rasping her gnarled fingers upon each pane of glass fixed within the frame, the latch moved free and she pushed the window open. Already her hunger had grown to a surging level and her lips quivered excitedly knowing that soon the goal would be reached. One leg slid between window and frame. As the first foot hit the tiled floor the next leg followed. Much like a squid which hides its body in the sepia ink it squirts, her extremities flowed inwards again to be concealed by the bulk of dark garments adorning her slender form.  **Upstairs, lost in the sweet haze of deep REM waves, Fin snoozed. He found himself seated on a fallen tree in the dark of night, along with three others, tending a fire in the grassy plains with an expansive sky pushing down upon its low, rolling hills. Periodically one of the figures would step away from this bench to conjure a flask and take a deep gulp. Afterward, this same figure would proceed to perform a dance around the others while chanting a quiet incantation.**  As young Finn observed the ritualistic protective spell being cast out somewhere in the vast grain belt of the North American continent, the woman climbed the stairs and turned at its summit to face the northeast side of the home. Accompanying the brisk gestures that followed was an uneasy heaviness of air, which dampened the sounds and seemed to shadow the space wherein she maneuvered. As this change in atmosphere encumbered visibility she tore open the door and strode towards the sleeping child to coddle his fair-haired head. Tipping back his skull revealed the iridescent enamel bank building the mineralized set of rows lining his mouth. There it was.. the shining Maxillary Lateral Incisor upon which the whole eve's arrangement had taken form. Pulling forth a nickeled tool reminiscent of pliers she fixed its grip upon the tooth and with a swift jerk ripped it from its abode, leaving behind a cavernous and bloody pit in Fin's gums. The boy awoke with fearful sobs but already the woman had secured the amputated member in a satin drawstring bag hanging from her neck and, with impressive stealth, she retraced her path out of the house and into the dawn. As lights went on throughout the home for the sake of the child's cries, the woman composed herself at the edge of the property line where she was harbored from sight by a forest of black pines. The intoxication of the endeavor was matched only by the pleasure she felt at caressing the tooth and its forked roots. After inspecting the marvelous tooth she returned it to the small bag, for much remained to do. Despite her joy in attaining the loot she succumbed to the noxious waves of anxiety she felt at the thought of being late to her appointment with the cloaked figure from earlier in the night. She began again on her way.

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Here you can listen to paul geelen's soundpiece:



with Robert Janitz and Lennart Constant

on the 30th of March 2018 from 6pm until 10pm in Langkatstraat 15 1094 HT Amsterdam.

   Tooth Fairy:      Wind howled skirting the eaves and rooves of houses. a woman with shoulder length brown hair walked out of a dimly lit bar and passed into the darkness only to reappear at regular intervals as she glided through the light of the street lamps.  she wore a long black wool coat and had a purse about her shoulder.  The lane unfurled before her. Upon reaching the end of the street she crossed the road and entered into the park on the opposite side. she slowed pace and stopping under a lamppost pulled from her coat pocket a small folded piece of paper. With long slender fingers she pressed flat the fragment and as drew strange figures on it as if sifting particles upon its surface. Abruptly her head bolted up from its rest upon the small note and peered fiercely into the dark. like a deer caught in the headlights she stood frozen as another figure materialized from the darkness. The form approached slowly; a head taller than the woman and apparently hidden underneath layers of garments which only accentuated a haunched back the figure glided toward her. It was almost as if this character was unaffected by the rise and fall of foot steps and this led to nothing but an eery manner much like smoke creeping along the ground. Finally reaching the frozen woman, the figure pulled from one of the numerous layers a small piece of paper and holding it in one hand drew forms on it with the other. These were similar to the womans though noticeably longer. From afar the two could have been mistaken for junk users, fingering lint from their barren pockets, exchanging not words but only eager tonal sounds.  Suddenly the notes passed from hand to hand and the two parted.  The Woman continued along the lane which winded under the low hanging boughs of willows which strived to glance the dark cool surface of a still pond.  Her thoughts still lingered  remembering the waiter from the restaurant and his austere yet perverse mannerisms.  The way his eyes lingered upon the  nursing baby was upsetting. Men are wretched at disguising their glances. After reaching an appropriate distance from the park  she yielded forth again the small note. Written in elegant cursive she read "south river road,  11,  NE room,

Left Inscissor".

#1     'FLOWERS' in langkatstraat 1094HT Amsterdam

Tooth Fairy: Unbeknownst to me, I was driven forward by a desiring machine. Past the barricades of self-doubt, Personal insecurity, and a hell'of'a'lotta ignorance, my cognizance strove to recognize that there was something particular about the pick-up. These evenings normally went down as such: a cracked door, welcomed my presence, stealthy gliding over its girth to a flowered pillow case, I slightly tip the sleeping babe's head from its sunken place to retrieve my score.

The slumbering cooing of children is a delight for me now. For I equate it with the pearly white enamel hidden beneath down-filled sacks.

Earlier in the day I found myself sitting in some forgettable local. It was he type of place characterized by it's total lack of attempt to fill any specific niche or style. Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel Lobby maybe, .. it's just this type of place where its possible to get lost for an hour before work begins. Drinking a red wine so as to pass some time before my shift would begin I was distracted by my neighbors. Sitting kitty-corner from me a group of Scotts discussed boisterously. Slightly annoyed I watched them. One of the party was a young nursing mother who drank red wine too. The small wrinkly baby clung to her. The waiter walked by and asked for her name. “it's Olivia,” “Ah how sweet... Olivia” he repeated, letting the name roll over his tongue slowly. He repeated it again while allowing a sheepish grin to crack over his mouth. “No teeth in this kid,” he said while returning to his spot behind the counter. I considered the teeth breaking through the soft pink gums of Olivia. Being lost in the thought, I must have been starring and the mother shifted her position effectively concealing Olivia from my sight behind a bouquet of fake black tulips. I drank out the remains in my glass. Reaching for my purse i conjured forth my coral red lipgloss and applied it. Briefly checking my profile in the mirror on the adjacent wall i adjusted hair. Then throwing down a few Euros on the table I put on my jacket spun my purse about my shoulder and entered the night.

Phung-Tien Phan

Jasmin Werner

Uwe Henneken

Bradley Davies

Susan Kooi


Kim David Bots

Anders Dickson

Marina Pinsky

Frieder Haller

Bradley Davies

Henna Hyvärinen

Thomas Swinkels